The Frightful Flight of the Neophyte

What separates the great and grateful

From all of the irate and hateful

Is that they don’t deflate or take bull

When others denigrate and say “fool”

They choose to step off of their pedestal

Take risks, adapt, and leave the wading pool

They’ll fail and grow, but the critics will be cruel

They’ll give up much now, but later paid in full

This is not bad, insensitive, or evil

Learning through failure trumps leaning on a fable

If every neophyte takes flight from fright

Every time the fight gets tight or trite

Or they give up when no end’s in sight

Or quit when they go through a blight

They’ll never know the bright delight

Of grit born out of pain and slight

So with all your might try to stay upright

And see the light despite the night,

Just remember that for every height

There’s a low, a loss, a mistake, or plight

by Bryan Hunt


by Bryan Hunt

via Daily Prompt: Neophyte


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