Drink Deeply From The Well

November in North Texas is a tad more intense than it is in the Hill Country. Pushing shopping carts for Walmart eight hours a day in the cold made this reality all the more apparent. Don't get me wrong. I was grateful for the $8/hour job because it was the only job at the time … Continue reading Drink Deeply From The Well

Wearing Yourself Out

Do you feel worn out? I do. Last night I collapsed on the couch and struggled unsuccessfully to keep my eyes open as my wife and I shared stories from the day. I was mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. It wasn't that I had endured the kind of stress and turmoil experienced recently in … Continue reading Wearing Yourself Out

My Personalized Learning Experience (Week Three)

Personalized Learning Progress & Reflections I think it will be helpful to both myself and any other teachers interested in personalized learning (especially in social studies) to document and reflect upon how this method is progressing throughout the year. Please share this with anyone who is curious about personalized learning, frustrated with traditional teaching methods, … Continue reading My Personalized Learning Experience (Week Three)