Sever the Tether

via Daily Prompt: Tether

We are like hot air balloons, you and me

We want to fly high — we yearn to be free

We hope to share our beauty for all to see

And make our dreams into fait accompli


But to reach up into the wild blue yonder

We must do more than talk, or wish, or ponder

Risks we must take — opportunities, not squander

Cling not to what’s known when our hearts want to wander


Now balloons on the ground are an awkward sight

You must sacrifice purpose to avoid fright of flight

So you let loose of your comfort with all of your might

Let your courage be tested and your passion ignite


Whether going it alone or going together

During peaceful times or turbulent weather

Cast off from the invulnerable and cease the blether

To reach our potential, we must sever the tether


by Bryan Hunt


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