The Heirs of Freedom

Today we commemorate

The birth of our great nation

I’m proud of America

Without a hesitation


Our history is a mix

Of proud times and those of shame

We should not throw out the good

Or forget when some defame


Let us become a country

That is honest and upright

Poor, tired, huddled masses

For you, we will always fight


I am not a liberal

I’m not a conservative

I am just American

I love, respect, forgive


We are the heirs of freedom

But freedom doesn’t come free

It is bought with sacrifice

By all of us, you and me


Women and men died for it

Some are even serving now

It must be preserved today

And to this, I do avow


If we just stand idly by

Or stay ashamed when we fail

The chance to save liberty

Might be lost…that ship may sail

by Bryan Hunt

via Daily Prompt: Sail



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