Greater Power Than We Know

“Never let your inability to do everything undermine your determination to do something.” – Cory Booker


This quote rings so true to me right now. So many times I get overwhelmed with the shear multitude of challenges instead of finding somewhere to start chipping away at success. How do I, a young teacher, change the entire educational system so that authentic learning happens for every student? This seems impossible. What I have found is that it is possible to empower one student to peel back the boring layers of an archaic educational system and experience the amazing feeling of learning the connections between the past and the present. How can I teach my sons everything that is needed in order to be successful and fulfilled men in an ever-changing world? The answer is to teach them how to share their toys, feel and express gratitude for a baseball sucker, and and always love their momma. How can I affect change in politics? The two main parties are at each other’s throats and very little productive dialogue is possible. What I can do is listen to someone with whom I disagree politically. Ask them to help me understand their viewpoint, not with a soundbite, but with a true explanation as to why they feel so strongly. I can seek first to understand, then seek to be understood. This can chip away bit bit at the disrespect and harsh words exchanged between Americans.

I cannot possibly do everything, but if I let that paralyze me, I will never do anything of value.


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