Teaching & Learning

On the glaring need for intentional and personalized learning…


All of the best

except for the rest

when I fail to divest

my flaws–repossessed

and beyond simple jest

I do indeed attest

to your need for protest

you see school as a pest

morose mind muck manifest

for years you’ve coalesced

“education” they professed

but in truth they just molest,

harass, and beat their chest

and other teachers acquiesced

for their time seemed to congest  

yet again I have digressed

so please accept my request

please do not disinvest

in skills not yet possessed

learning is not a contest

or some sort of knowledge conquest

might I humbly suggest

it is not about a test

but instead life’s quest

for truth, and love, and zest

so please at my behest

I implore you to ingest

ideas from east to west

make sure that you digest

every argument assessed

always do your best

and live life abundantly lest,

you wake up one day unimpressed

to find yourself regressed

a figurative cardiac arrest

while your “friends” list seems blessed


by Bryan Hunt


via Daily Prompt: Glaring


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